Space F!GHT

This album shows Polish Electronica sound in its purest form.

It is combination of live and studio work of the band, interaction between improvised and programmed electronic beats, communication between acoustic (sax, trumpet) and electronic (electric guitar, drum machine, groove box) instruments. Musicians are being processed live with analogue and digital effects that emphasize their idiosyncrasies.

Space F!ght announced Jazz Ambassadors for North of England in 2013/2014 are supported by Jazz North.

Performed at Kernel Festival 2012 (Italy), Tinderbox Festival 2012 (UK), Culturenight 2011 CFCP (Dublin), Home of the Brave (London), Ron Cooke Hub, 3Sixty, 2011 (York), and showcased the pieces on Tychy Mapping Festiwal 2012 (Poland) among others.



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Tom Adams - guitar
James Mainwaring - sax
Matt Postle - trumpet
Radek Rudnicki - electronics and devices, mixing and composition