Space F!ght on New Zealand Tour!

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Space F!ght is touring New Zealand in Oct/November 2015 with dates in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. During their first New Zealand tour Space F!ght is doing workshops for students and presentations on data sonification showcasing workflow and approaches to live improv. On our New Zealand tour we are performing in unique lineup including Radek Rudnicki (electronics), Anna Edgington(voice) and Tane Upjohn-Beatson(guitar).

Dates include:

29th Oct Whammy Bar, Auckland

7th Nov Pyramid Club, Wellington

14th Nov Auricle, Christchurch

Here are photos from the tour. See our facebook page for more.








SpaceFight_Auckland hang

Space F!ght at MIRA Festival Barcelona

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We brought our  3D pyramid  show to  MIRA Festival 2014 at Santa Monica Arts Centre, Barcelona. MIRA festival is one of the biggest festivals of Live Visual Arts in Spain. Festival featured, lectures, performances and interactive installation art. We were thrilled to have Chris Sharkey on guitar, performing among the usual Space F!ght crew including Tom Adams (electronics), James Mainwaring (sax), Jakub Hader aka Precyzja (visuals and pyramid) and Radek Rudnicki (electronics).

MIRA Festival 2014 edition – Trailer from MIRA Festival on Vimeo.

See more info at MIRA’s website.

Space F!ght at MIRA 2014 photo by Toni Rosado

Space F!ght at MIRA 2014 photo by Toni Rosado

British Council Commissioned Show at Southbank Centre London

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Together with Pouya Ehsaei commissioned by British Council Iran we performed at Southbank Centre, London. For the Iranian New Year (Nowruz) celebration show, we composed original music aiming to mix Iranian folk with minimal techno and live improvisation. We mixed cheerful, upbeat techno music with ambient elements including Iranian influences (poems, rhythms and sampled instruments). Analysing the frequency spectra of Iranian music we synthesised new sound material using modular synthesiser, guitar pedals and custom made software.

spacefight_gear (1)

Joining forces with Pouya Ehsaei meant that we brought even more gear to to make the show. Setup was surprisingly simple and easy to mange by three people, each having specific roles. Pouya mixing, processing and mainly taking care of ambient material. Enrcio Bertelli – acoustic percussion improvisation and Radek Rudnicki providing electronic rhythm section with drum machine (Analog Rytm) and sampler (Octatrack).

spacefight_trio_novruz (1)

We were thrilled to see such a good turn up and reaction from the audience.



Space F!ght Residency and UK Tour 2014

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After receiving Emerging Excellence Award from Help Musicians UK supported by Jazz North we headed to Wales for residency to work on our new live set and album. It is very exciting time for us, as band expanded  and we have new artists on board. Anna Edgington (voice), Dr Enrico Bertelli (percussion and electronics) and our secret weapon Dr Matthew Postle (trumpet) helped usual crew (Mainwaring, Adams, Rudnicki, Hader) in generating new material for the coming album.

Space Fight_sheffiled

After performances in Sheffield, Leeds and London we performed at Festival of Ideas in York in 3sixty on amazing 32 speakers and four projectors system. At the festival, we performed data sonfication and visualisation piece based on NASA’s ozone data – a new version of our project with researchers from Stockholm Environment Institute. Piece uses ground level ozone data and rises awareness of ozone’s negative impact on human health. In order to show importance of the issue we used data from various locations, scaled it and mapped to music, sound synthesis and visual parameters controlling the improvisation. Ozone concentration from variety of locations around the globe was used to bring immersive audiovisual experience for the audience.


Heading towards the end of the tour we are playing our final show at Manchester Jazz Festival at Soup Kitchen on 23 July with Chris Sharkey as a special guest!

Space F!ght @ Gateshead International Jazz Festival

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Space F!ght performed Gateshead International Jazz Festival at Sage. GIJF is the UK’s biggest jazz festival under one roof outside London. 

GIJFWe headed down to Gateshead with good old crew and our massive pyramid.

Space Fight_GIJFIt was amazing experience performing next to Bill Frisell, Polar Bear, Shiver and many more.  There is fantastic audience in Newcastle, thanks for coming ! Stay tuned as more gigs are coming soon…

More info on Sage Gateshead website.


Space F!ght receives Emerging Excellence Award!

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We are very excited to receive Emerging Excellence Award !

We are really looking forward to the tour the award will support! Have quite a few surprises coming up!

Space F!ght was chosen from 231 applications among 27 musicians.

‘Panellists included multi-platinum selling songwriter and record producer Martin Sutton, singer-songwriter and composer Gwyneth Herbert, artist manager and owner of RedGrape Records Kerry Harvey-Piper, pianist and founder of Edition Records Dave Stapleton, Director of Film & TV UK/Europe at ASCAP Simon Greenaway, former Director of the City of London Festival Ian Ritchie, Nick Keynes and the Guardian’s Classical Music Editor Imogen Tilden.’

You can find more info and list of all selected bands on Help Musicians website.

Here is video from our recent Sci-Fi Tour 2013.


New album is out!

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We are thrilled to release our new album on Wave Folder Records with limited edition of 100 paper craft pyramids. These were designed by Jakub Hader. The graphics is generated with audio reactive software that is also used during our show. Design comes from listening to the first beats of the album. Sci-Fi pyramids are available on our gigs during Sci-Fi Tour.

Album is inspired by sci-fi novels from P.K. Dick, S. Lem, I. Asimov. Texts used are voice samples of Anna Edgington. These are influencing the improvisation and providing structure for the new pieces. We explored duo setups on this album with Stardust (Tom Adams and Radek Rudnicki) and Starlight (James Mainwaring and Radek Rudnicki). The Name and Monster on the other hand feature the whole band, even our secret weapon Dr Matthew Postle (trumpet) is present.

Download EP


Space F!ght Sci-Fi Tour 2013

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Space Fight is going on UK tour in November. Tour is co-produced by Sound and Music. New Space F!ght’s set and Sci-Fi EP is inspired by sci-fi novels from P.K. Dick and S. Lem. Texts used are voice samples of  Anna Edgington. These are influencing the improvisation and providing structure for the new pieces. To emphasize 3D effect of the visualisations Space F!ght is using a custom made modular scenography for visualisations/3D mapping. Scenography modules are acting as projection screens made of especially designed models.

During the forthcoming tour each show will also contain a piece made in collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS). In this piece satellite ozone data controls the improvisation and 3D visualisations.  Space F!ght is using ground level ozone data, which is the best representation of the ozone that harms human health. Since Ozone’s impact is all about location, Space F!ght is using the data from different locations around the globe with diverse level of ozone concentration; representing the ozone data rather than culture or any other characteristic of the locations. To represent each place average monthly ozone concentration is used  in a time series of 12 months.

Tour dates:

8th November – The Base, Leeds (live streaming)

10th November – Kings Place, OutHear, London

11th November – Leper Chapel, SHINDIG, with The Soft, Cambridge

18 November –  3Sixty, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, York

19th November – 3Sixty, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, York

20th November – Wharf Chambers, with Shatner’s Bassoon, Leeds

Those interested to find out more about the impacts of ozone are recommended to read the ‘Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone‘, an international study that was co-ordinated by SEI and chaired by Dr Drew Shindell of NASA GISS.  The report was one of the key documents that lead to the establishment of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) in 2012.


Space F!ght plays for RAF

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Space F!ght played for RAF generals at the VIP event of Royal International Air Tattoo Show.

It was a side event of one of the biggest Air Tattoo Shows in Europe. Being substitute for the fireworks we performed for 250 guests on 4x speakers rig and mapped the library owned by Able-Smith Family. Event took place in the Old Rectory in Quenington, Gloucestershire.

We were amazed with warm welcome and generous hospitality of Lucy and David Able-Smith, who let us stay in the Rectory and really made us feel like at home.


Space F!ght’s Sound Design @ WRO Biennale 2013

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Two visual artists our own Jakub Hader and Patrycja Ochala invited us to take part in the project Second Stroke to do music and sound design for their installation at WRO Biennale 2013.

Installation had modern look at fine art with the use of new media and technology (3D mapping and MS Kinect). Participants were changing the painting textures and shapes by pointing  at different spots of the projection. Sounds and music were Space F!ght’ssonic representation of the painting itself. The software Jakub wrote was choosing them algorithmically analysing participants’ gestures. This way audience could interact with the image and sound of installation. Videos below are showing the end result and preparation.