Here is new track promoting our new EP and coming Sci-Fi tour. Check out more tracks and get our album on Bandcamp.

Space F!ght’s aesthetic stems from interaction between saxophone, electric guitar and electronic hardware creating a powerful blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. This is structured by a visual narrative, that the musicians respond to and vice versa (the visuals are patched to react to the sound). This represents interaction of human feel with technology. Acoustic contemporary jazz improvisation is collided with glitchy electronic rhythms and ambient guitar riffs. Sounds are processed and sampled live with effects that emphasize performers’ idiosyncrasies. There are loop based, carefully designed to micro level grooves that drive the performance. Unpredictable arrangements of the pieces make it unique and on the edge of commercial and contemporary music – not falling into any of the mainstream genres. Pieces range from atmospheric, laid back, almost lounge tracks to heavy beat based, dense textures.