Space F!ght:

Space F!ght is an audio and visual live experience that explores the interaction between 3D projection mapping and improvised music. Drawing upon influences from a wide range of music styles, Space F!ght blends saxophone (James Mainwaring), voice (Anna Edgington) trumpet (Matt Postle) percussion (Enrico Bertelli), guitar (Tom Adams) and electronic hardware (Radek Rudnicki) to create an unique and powerful sound, visualised through with custom made 3D projections (Jakub Hader). To emphasize effect of the visualisations, Space F!ght is using a custom made modular scenography for visualisations/3D mapping that reacts in real time to the improvised music.

What we do

Sound design


3D mapping




Data visualisation and sonification


Live performances


Music and video production



  • Dr Matthew Postle

    Dr Matthew Postle

    Trumpet Artist, Music Educator

    Matthew Postle completed his PhD in Music Performance from University of York in 2011. Postle held the prestigious Sir Jack Lyons Research Scholar award. He performed his research at a variety of festivals throughout the UK/Europe including the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Postle has performed with several international jazz artists including Dave Douglas, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Ralph Alessi, Ravi Coltrane, the ICP Orchestra, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and as a featured soloist with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble and the Airmen of Note Big Band.

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